Taylor King

Passion. Finesse. Community. These are the pillars that started Taylor King over forty years ago with the idea that a great piece of furniture is like a beautiful painting -- an exquisite find that someone with a distinguished taste will appreciate. Since our inception, we’ve maintained our passion for handcrafting custom upholstered furniture with finesse and tailored precision. As a community of individuals, each and every one of us takes tremendous joy in transforming furniture into lasting works of art for the discerning home.

As one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of American made upholstered furniture, we attribute our success to an unparalleled commitment to quality and comfort. Our rigorous selection process results in the richest materials, while our extensive research leads to discovering the most stylish textiles in the market. Because of our custom-oriented “by-the-inch” philosophy, we connect to the way you live, so we can create a beautiful piece of furniture tailored to you.

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